The Passing of Ms. Tomiko Takai, a Butoh Dancer

Ms. Tomiko Takai has passed away.

Because her death was sudden and happened at her home, I just learned about it yesterday, June 10th.

The date of passing was on May 28th. She was 80 years old.

Ms. Takai had said she would become the “female Kazuo Ohno.” She must be remorseful that her life ended when it did.

I have two pamphlets for Butoh performances in my hands. Both of them are for performances overseas hosted by LIB (Liaison of Internatinal BUTOH), which Ms. Takai participated in.

One of them, “The Life of Butoh,” in 2008, was performed in Indonesia, and the other, “The Intensity of Age: Tradition and Modernity in BUTOH,2 in 2009, was performed in Hungary.

I accompanied her to renew her passport before the tour.

She was delighted to be traveling overseas again. I was concerned for her wellness during the overseas trip because her legs were weakening. But her morale was heightened. Indeed, on stage, she looked like a different person.

Saying “It is rewarding when I dance in foreign countries because audiences are very passionate,” she always told me to invite her when I organize international tours.

Takashi Morishita
[Translated by Atsuko Nakajima-Healy]

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